Consumer Accounts

Consumer accounts are intended for home/residential use. The do not have the features that the business account will have. Services start at $20/month, and includes two channels (phone calls), two telephone numbers, and the ability to assign one phone number as a fax line. In addition, Lifeline customers will get a $10 discount off of monthly services.

All telephone numbers will come with a number of features. This will include 3-way calling (2 channels required), Anonymous Caller Rejection (sent to voicemail), call waiting, Caller ID with Name (when available), Designated Fax Line, Simul-Ring, and Voicemail.

In addition, there is free calling to N11 services such as 211 and 411. There is also free calling to +878 and +883 telephone numbers. In addition, each telephone number comes with its own SIP Address which will behave as if the caller called the number directly. All SIP addresses will be in the form of <ITU-Telephone-Number>@voip.fsp.